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Designing Landscapes that Improve Quality of Life and the Human Psyche
This conference explores the intersection of ecological landscape design and its effect on human beings. Sometimes referred to as Social Landscape Design or Ecological Psychology, emerging research is taking a closer look at the interaction of people and landscapes. Join ELA on November 15th for leading-edge research, compelling case studies, and practical strategies to consider in your future designs.

In both urban and suburban locales, rising health concerns have prompted research on how the human body changes when introduced to planned landscapes. Compelling conclusions point to the benefits of evaluating the intersections between specific elements in ecological landscapes and human health, specifically in the context of urban, public spaces.

As an ecosystem of people, nature, and infrastructure, the built landscape can become a prescription to improve human health. This landscape trend in urban social-ecology is a design imperative to create gardens informed by nature in order to improve the environment, benefit human health, and develop cities that are resilient, healthy, sustainable, and livable.
Winterthur, DE
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Healthcare & Therapeutic Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Attendee will learn about research into the health benefits (physical and mental) of spending time in the landscape.
Attendees will learn which particular aspects of the natural environment benefit humans and how to introduce those elements into landscape designs.
Attendees will learn about methods for evaluating the performance of a variety of landscape design projects, particularly the ability of the landscape to provide a healthful, restorative experience.
Attendees will be exposed to a number of case studies illustrating landscape designs that support communities and provide cultural benefits.

Lauren Mandel, PLA, ASLA Andropogon Associates; Dr. Donald A. Rakow, associate professor of horticulture at Cornell University; Erin Ramsden, Temple University; Amy L. Ritter, MS, RN Cecil College; Gena Wirth, SCAPE; Laurence Wiseman, CenterLine Strategy
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