ASLA & APA on Argyle: A Tour of Chicago’s first Shared Street

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Join ILASLA and APA Chicago Metro Section as we team up for a party on Argyle! Argyle Street is the City of Chicago’s first street to be designed based using ‘shared street’ principles, creating a plaza-like feel by raising the street and eliminating curbs. The new streetscape design includes unit pavers that delineate wide sidewalks at street level, and features sidewalk planters, bike racks, and large pedestrian areas that allow for sidewalk cafes, gathering, and interacting. Before taking a walking tour of the area, we’ll hear from the designers and community development organization Uptown United that helped transform Argyle Street, as well as local business owners who have benefited from the project.
Chicago, IL
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Site Planning
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Learning Outcomes
- An interactive discussion and tour of understanding community projects as a whole and the dynamics between designer, community leader, and business owners.
- Understand shared street principles and implementation
- In depth discussion of design elements and their benefits, uses, and types for shared streets
- Discussing collaboration and methods for community projects
- Sharing expertise and insight with other professionals (ASLA/APA) about shared street design
Ellen Schmidt, Project Manager, Site Design Group, Vitaly Vladimirov, Program Manager, Uptown United, Jenny Pham, Owner, Mini Tx Pharmacy, Erin Hoang, Owner, First Sip Cafe
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