Efficient Irrigation Design: Leveraging Vectorworks’ BIM and SIM Tools for Smarter, More Intelligent

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With the introduction of new irrigation tools in 2017, Vectorworks created an entirely new workflow to better serve landscape professionals who design irrigation systems. Bryan Goff of Grey Leaf Design was one of the early adopters of these new tools and will help guide attendees through the tools and associated efficiencies. Bryan will elaborate on general irrigation efficiencies and present a general workflow that designers can build from with an emphasis on EPA WaterSense. Eric Berg, senior associate at Pacific Coast Land Design, will illustrate how landscape architecture firms and irrigation designers can use the irrigation tools and BIM capabilities of Vectorworks to help meet growing regulatory demands, with an emphasis on California’s MWELO requirements in designing water efficient irrigation systems. In aggregate, this presentation will navigate through the irrigation design tools and workflows Vectorworks offers that empower designers to design more efficient irrigation systems. This will include a general file takeaway, giving attendees a head start in their irrigation design workflows.
Phoenix, AZ
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1. Discover a brief overview of Vectorworks’ suite of tools available for irrigation design.
2. Learn the best practices and workflows for the Vectorworks irrigation tool suite and how to create a basic irrigation design drawing.
3. Learn how to generate reports and schedules from irrigation tools and components.
4. Understand how to create custom workflows to meet and document specific regulatory requirements such as EPA WaterSense, CA MWELO, and/or sustainable design targets, such as LEED/SITES.
Eric J H Berg, Senior Associate at Pacific Coast Land Design and Bryan Goff, President of Grey Leaf Design, Inc.
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