Stripped: Vectorworks at its Most Minimalistic

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In complex design processes with a growing number of rules and regulations, the architects at GASA, one of Norway's leading firms for sustainable architecture, believe it’s important to stay focused on the core of their profession: designing inspiring and well-functioning environments for everyday life. So, they ask themselves: how can we reach the level of complexity it takes to design and develop a 12,000 m school in a dense urban environment as a BIM project in the most simple and efficient way, but still meet all the strict requirements? How can we make do with fewer lines, layers, and classes? How can we get less overall clutter to achieve efficient files with simpler IFC objects? And what tools do you really need to get the job done? Find out how the team at GASA creates simple and robust concepts with as few elements as possible.
Phoenix, AZ
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Technology / CADD / GIS
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate how to refine a workspace so you can focus on the design process.
2. Shed light on which tools are necessary and which you can hide.
3. Learn how to simplify templates to avoid gigantic, overloaded files.
4. Examine one or two large ongoing school projects, and learn how the project team streamlines the workflow in different phases to save time.
Erik Fjermestad and Ida Ruth Mathisen
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