Columbus Zoo and Aquarium – History of the Parks 90 years of development and the nuances of Zoo Desi

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The two-hour specialty presentation and tour will focus on the making of the Columbus Zoo over the course of 90 years, including its birth, it’s development and the development of zoos nationally, recognizing the trends that the Columbus Zoo followed as well as lead. The presentation will address the nuances of zoo design and construction, from programming through ribbon cutting and the first year of post construction occupancy discoveries and adjustments.

The tour will include a short hard-hat tour of the construction site for CZA’s Adventure Cove. In addition, the group will tour through Polar Frontier (completed in 2010), and Heart of Africa (completed in 2014). Tour of each region will address the design challenges of site, animal clientele and guest experience as well as address the codes and specialty permitting agencies that zoo’s work with to assure the best regard for the health, safety and welfare of the animals, staff and guests.

Karen Schenk is a landscape architect practicing at the Columbus Zoo as an employee of the park for the past 22 years where she has worked on a range of projects in scope from design to project management, and has recently served on the core team for Heart of Africa, Adventure Cove, Shores Park and the North America limited improvements projects.
Powell, OH
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1.Design challenges of site, animal clientele and guest experience
2.Standard codes and agency reviews and Zoo specific entities and agencies that focus to assure best practices are enforced for the health, safety and welfare of the animals, staff and guests’.
3.Adapting to design trends and charting new courses for others.
Karen Schenk, Director of Project and Site Design, Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
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