Introduction to Applied Ecological Restoration for Professionals

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Introduction to Applied Ecological Restoration for

This two-day workshop will provide a firm
foundation for professionals who want to expand
their expertise to include an ecological restoration
(ER) content or focus. The workshop includes
technical guidance, project examples, materials
source information, sample project histories, and
considerable information suitable to designers/
managers of ER projects. A variety of source
materials, documents, and project plans will
be available. A 3-D modeling exercise of one
or more project scenarios will be done in class.
Questions from participants are encouraged. ER
problem solving is integral to this workshop.
Plenty of graphic information will be presented.
Participants are encouraged to bring real or
theoretical project questions to the workshop.
Philadelphia, PA
Distance Learning
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Energy Conservation / Renewable Energy
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
• Learn how ecological restoration differs from other land management professions and genres.
• Understand regional historic ecosystems.
• Review guidelines for constructing, managing ER projects, and assembling an ER plan.
• Understand the wide range of degradation factors and causes.
• Decide what can be restored, what cannot, and what can be changed via equivalence.
• Review the concept of “modifiers” to deal with extinct species, unachievable goals, and continuing degradation factors.
• Learn about permits, approvals, and oversight.
• Discuss failure scenarios both partial and total.
• Have the opportunity to create a draft plan for ER of a site of participants’ choosing.
John W. Munro Professional Applied Ecologist
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Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania

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