Myths, Truths, and Misconceptions: How research and basic knowledge can inform better practice.

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Landscape architects support “evidence based” practice, but how often do designs, details and specifications ignore current science or fail to follow best practices. This session will explore some of the myths and misconceptions of trees and planting soils and how research can find its way into practice.
Theme: This session takes James Urban’s successful ASLA webinar on the same subject and expands it to incorporate current research and how to define levels of scientific validity to inform practice. He has been refining and updating the central message of this session for over 35 years. The original webinar examined the truth about 25 myths and misconceptions. This session will explore the 10 most critical issues and have them serve as examples for individuals to advance the evidence basis of their practice and implement better designs.

Speaker Bio:
James Urban, FASLA has been a working on I proving urban trees and soils since 1978. His work has been recognized by the ASLA including the ASLA Medal of Excellence. He is a frequent presenter at ASLA National Annual Meeting and will be a speaker in Philadelphia this fall. His book “Up By Roots: Healthy Soils and Trees in the Built Environment is a leading source of information for Landscape Architects and was awarded an ASLA Merit Award
Indianapolis, IN
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Horticulture / Plants
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Understand the 10 most common myths misconceptions in designing trees and soil in the urban landscape.

2. Learn the correct practice response related to each myth and how they create new “best practice”.

3. Learn the progression of scientific findings, their relative validity, and best practices that support different approaches to trees and soils.
James Urban, FASLA
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