Designing in Metal 101: Types and Finishes

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Learn about how to best use metal in your design. Discern between aluminum, steel, stainless steel, etc and the best practical applications of each. Learn about metal finishes, wet pain vs. powdercoat, when raw materials make sense. Making the right decisions early in the process will make the project last in the long run.

Speaker Bios:
Adam Lee – Bo-Mar Industries
With over 5 years experience at bo-mar industries, Adam has interacted with countless designers at the conceptual stages of their designs. As Business Development Manager, he is versed in communicating our clients thoughts and concerns to our team of estimators, engineers, and fabricators to get the ball rolling in figuring out constructability and budget. Adam’s experience leads him to gather necessary information about the project’s goals, aesthetics, longevity, and context to reach a more detailed concept that is producible and with realistic timeframes and budgets in mind.
Bob Buchanan, owner – Bo-Mar Industries
Over 25 years ago, Bob and his brother Mark took a side job and turned it into a business. With the marriage of artistic passion and exacting engineering, bo-mar takes concepts and makes them into reality. Bob and his team have the knowledge and experience to create practical, efficient fabrications from little more than a napkin sketch. Choosing the right materials, ensuring design efficiency, and scaling designs to meet budgets are just a few of the challenges that Bob works through with designers on a daily basis. Having been described as “a man who switches from left-brained thinking to right-brained and back again,” Bob approaches projects with both creative flair and common-sense practicality.
Bob’s knowledge and experience have made him a “metal expert” and have allowed him to focus and grow his business in the AEC industry over the last 5 years. The understanding of his product, fabrication and finishing methods have allowed him to incorporate other materials and trades, such as glass, wood, lighting, and electric access, into his project scope and design assistance.
Indianapolis, IN
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Learning Outcomes
1. Strengths of different types of metal to best choose for your application
2. Standard material sizes (thickness and sheet size)
3. Oxidation and rust
4. Ways to value engineer
Adam Lee; Bob Buchanan
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