Pattern Mapping for Lasting Design

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This is a closed course presented to specific landscape architecture professionals.
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This is a fast-paced course with fun case studies and beautiful examples of installations that study the use and impact of pattern in different environments and applications.
Patterns are everywhere around us. We are hard-wired to see changes in pattern for survival (like seeing a lion in the grass), for getting around (like the contour lines on a topographical map), for organization (like seeing trends in spreadsheets), for industrial uses (like screens that filter sand from pebbles), for hiding (like military camouflage), and for decoration (like repeated designs in wallpaper). Once we are trained to see patterns, we begin to notice them everywhere.
This course discusses three aspects of pattern: ONE - how we tend to interact with pattern both consciously and subconsciously; TWO - how to categorize patterns according to their nature, structure, and openness; and THREE - discussing best practices in using pattern once we know how it impacts a space both aesthetically and functionally.
Furthermore, the course dives into what to ask for, and what to what out for, when considering a patterned system of panels in manufacturing as well as for developing custom patterns.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Distance Learning
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Campus Planning & Design
Development Trends
Energy Conservation / Renewable Energy
Housing & Community Design
Parks & Recreation
Residential Design
Security Design
Urban Planning & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Attendees will better understand our daily relationship with pattern.
Attendees will learn what the defining characteristics of the "Pattern Map" are.
Attendees will learn many practical applications for using the the "Pattern Map" in landscape design and architecture.
Attendees will finish the course with an understanding for how to use and create patterns suitable for different applications and what concerns to keep in mind.
Sue Huff, Brian Bergen, Reid Morgan
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