From Quantity to Quality: A Walking History of Indy’s Relationship to the White River

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From one of the early criteria for Indianapolis’ founding through its development into the nation’s 15th largest city, the White River has always been central to the area’s water supply. Today, there is growing interest in the river beyond its purely utilitarian functions. We will walk approximately 15 minutes on the White River Trail to the site of the Perry K. Dam on the White River south of Washington Street. One the way and at our destination, we will see and discuss the physical elements of Indianapolis’ historical use of the river as a drinking water supply, for industrial and energy production, and more. We will then walk across White River Parkway and hear how Ambrose Property Group plans to incorporate an improved White River in the redevelopment of the old GM Stamping Plant property.

Scott Minor
Scott is a landscape architect and environmental planner for the White River Alliance, a multi-stakeholder nonprofit working to improve and protect the water of the Upper White River Watershed. After seven years with a small design firm working on trails and park design, community redevelopment planning, and large-scale infrastructure projects, Scott transitioned from a board seat to a permanent position with the Alliance in order to work on regional-level environmental issues. Scott is a LEED-accredited and SEED Public Interest Design Professional with certification in wetland delineation and environmental habitat stewardship. His work today includes outreach planning for the Office of Land Stewardship, development of educational tools and workshops for the Alliance and Clear Choices Clean Water, and helping advance efforts to develop a statewide, regional planning framework to protect Indiana’s water assets.
Mali Jeffers
Tagged “The Unsegregator” by the Indianapolis Star, she started her career organizing a series of performance based public events for underserved communities. In 2010, Mali transitioned into the Director of Marketing and Programs at the Madame Walker Theatre Company where she was responsible for the development of new programs and the branding of the theatre. Mali then began a career of independent project management dedicated to finding creative ways to address diversity, equity and inclusion needs in cities. She used that passion in her role as Love Indy Project Manager for Plan 2020 where she worked to foster local pride, local tourism, civic engagement, and develop talent attraction strategies. She co-founded Advance 317, a new program at Indy Chamber as part of the Leadership Exchange for emerging leaders. The Indy native has a genuine passion for her hometown and won the Emerging Leaders Award from 100 Black Men for her work in the cultural community. Mali sits on the Board of Directors for Indiana Humanities, Big Car, and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail.
Andrew Greenwood
As Senior Vice President of Development, Andrew is responsible for the pursuit and execution of development projects. Prior to joining Ambrose, he was General Counsel and owner of Old Town Development where he oversaw all legal and development projects for the company and was involved with project ranging from the development of small and large residential subdivisions, to building multi-family apartments, to mixed-use buildings in the Carmel Midtown redevelopment. Andrew earned his Bachelor of Science in Public Finance with Minors in Business and Economics from Indiana University (Bloomington) and is Doctorate of Jurisprudence from Hofstra University.
Indianapolis, IN
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Learning Outcomes
The outcomes of this presentation will include:
• an awareness of the many ways the city as a whole is working to improve water quality in the White River as a major quality of life asset
• We will also see and discuss how the development of the river as a source of growth and production altered the landscape and degraded water quality, decisions which continue to pose threats to public health and affect the city economically
• we will see how a signature redevelopment project is embracing the river, helping bring people back to its shores and drive critical quality of life improvements.
Scott Minor; Mali Jeffers; Andrew Greenwood
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