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The City-County Building Plaza (now dedicated as Richard G. Lugar Plaza) was constructed in the early 1960’s, on the site of the original City of Indianapolis courthouse. This session will review the challenges of the existing urban site, solutions for designing and detailing a new public space atop a parking garage, and how the plaza can be used in future programming opportunities for the City of Indianapolis.

1. Challenges of the Existing Infrastructure and Site
a. Parking garage, exhaust shafts, emergency egress stairwells, waterproofing, as-builts
i. Maintaining an operating parking garage during construction
b. Depth to garage roof
c. Tunnel to Marion County Jail
2. Design rationale and solutions
a. Innovative design solutions to accommodate for difficult existing contidions; review major components of the plan
i. Connection to cultural trail, Cummins, transit center
b. Unique construction detailing
i. Spray plaza operations, light pole foundations, drainage, etc.
c. Reusing original granite within the site
d. Historical significance of the site; historic signage
3. Programming and Management
a. Programming plan by BRV (this firm provided programming for Bryant Park, Klyde Warren Park, Tarkington Park)
4. Q&A Period

Speaker Bio:
Daniel Liggett, Associate, Rundell Ernstberger Associates
Project Manager for Lugar Plaza
Mr. Liggett served as the project manager for the plaza from conceptual design through construction administration. He has worked at REA for 8 years and works on a wide range of the firm’s projects.
Mark Peterson, General Manager, Indianapolis-Marion County Building Authority
Mr. Peterson is the General Manager for the Indianapolis-Marion County Building Authority, overseeing the operations of multiple properties for the City of Indianapolis. He has worked for the Building Authority for the past 17 years. Mr. Peterson was involved with Lugar Plaza from conceptual design through construction.

Indianapolis, IN
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Site Planning
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Determine the challenges encountered with the existing site infrastructure at Lugar Plaza
2. Review the unique design and construction detailing solutions that were necessary given the unique challenges of the site
3. Identify the future opportunities that Lugar Plaza offers to the City of Indianapolis
Daniel Liggett, Associate ASLA; Mark Peterson
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