Promoting Pollinators through Landscape Architecture: Six Strategies

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Pollinators contribute to an estimated 1/3 of global food production providing a vital ecosystem service. With the decline of pollinator species largely attributed to landscape-related issues, this education session explores how landscape architects can benefit local pollinators and enhance habitat at multiple scales.

Speaker Bio
Anthony Fettes, ASLA
Senior Associate / Ecologist and Landscape Architect, Sasaki
Anthony is a landscape architect and ecologist with over fourteen years of combined experience in ecological restoration, natural resource inventory, and regenerative design. Since joining Sasaki in 2011, Anthony has been involved with over 100 design and master planning projects globally, employing a systems-based approach to transform the places we inhabit. In addition to his contribution to numerous local, national, and international award-winning projects, Anthony frequently collaborates with design teams, consultants, and clients exploring the potential for site-scale interventions which have a positive social and ecological impact.
As a thought leader at Sasaki, Anthony is actively involved in knowledge-sharing, regularly presenting at conferences and universities, in addition to serving as adjunct faculty at Rhode Island School of Design and Boston Architectural College.
Indianapolis, IN
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Current trends and major threats relating to pollinator populations and habitat.
2. Key resources and considerations regarding habitat preservation for all pollinators.
3. How landscape architects can contribute to the creation and preservation of pollinator habitat.
4. Strategies for implementing pollinator habitat at various scales: from window boxes to multi-state initiatives.
5. Lessons learned by conservation biologists and landscape architects in practice.
Anthony Fettes, ASLA
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