2018 Midwest Tree and Shrub Conference: Resilient Plants for a Lasting Landscape

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The urban forest and the trees that comprise it play a crucial role in our developed landscapes. However, the growing conditions these trees face are often harsh, and few tree species are suited to withstand them. How can we support a greener landscape in the face of these challenges? Matt Lobdell and Kim Shearer will discuss the growing conditions in urban and suburban landscapes. They will share how The Morton Arboretum selects and improves the best performing tree species for these areas and how new plant development has helped change the urban landscape. They’ll share a list of resilient tree selections recommended for planting in the Midwest.

Lisle, IL
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Learning Outcomes
Attendees will get the latest on the selection and care of hardy, versatile trees and shrubs from leading designers and plant experts including:

1. The importance of urban forests including how to select specimens for and how to foster urban forest landscapes.

2. The best shrubs for Midwest landscapes

3. Steps for keeping landscapes alive and thriving beyond their warranty period.

4. Designing Landscapes for resiliency in the face of climate change. Including riverfronts, streetscapes, public parks, housing decks, etc.
Matt Lobdell and Kim Shearer of Morton Arboretum
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