Forum on Therapeutic Garden Design, 2nd Edition

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The LATIS Forum on Therapeutic Landscapes discusses the practice of creating landscapes to support human health and well-being. Authors explore how this practice area, rooted deeply in tradition, is evolving to meet modern needs arising from various life circumstances. Successful designs and the process to create them vary according to the special needs of user groups. Readers will learn how therapeutic landscapes provide benefits to all humans, both in clinical and institutional settings and in the matrix of everyday life.
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Healthcare & Therapeutic Design
Horticulture / Plants
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Learn how older adults can derive tremendous benefit from a therapeutic garden or thoughtfully planned landscape.
2. Learn how a well-planned garden can offer familiarity, stress reduction and a sense of safety and hopefulness for patients, family members and healthcare providers.
3. Learn how natural landscapes have been shown to provide a "positive distraction" from stress.
Marnie Barnes, Jack Carman, Nilda Cosco, Clare Cooper Marcus, Mark Epstein, Jean S. Kavanagh, Patrick Mooney, Robin D. Moore, Don Luymes, Nancy Carman
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