Basic Civil Engineering - Sewers and Sewerage 2 (RV-7588)

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City planners have been troubled by the problem of wastewater disposal for thousands of years. How does the water from your toilet get to where it can be treated? Several innovative methods for waste water disposal have been used over the years.

This 1-hour interactive online course explores the details of both pump collection system and gravity collection system designs. This course includes an excel spreadsheet which is used to help illustrate important concepts and calculations. You will need to download and open this file before you begin working through course.
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Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of this course, you will:
•Understand the tasks you need to perform to insure the sewerage job is completed successfully.
•Be familiar with gravity systems and the criteria needed to design them.
•Be familiar with flows coming to your lift station.
•Be familiar with the parameters needed to be checked in a lift station.
•Be familiar with the parameters needed to be checked in a force main.
•Be able to determine if the lift station will float.
•Be able to design the mechanics of a lift station.
•Be able to graph how your selected pump will react in the lift station.
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