Basics of Water Resources: Groundwater Contamination (RV-6849)

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Since the 1970s there has been a disturbing discovery of hazardous wastes in ground water. Early discoveries of sites such as Love Canal in New York and the Denver Arsenal in Colorado initiated a new era in groundwater studies. Throughout the 1980s numerous studies of abandoned waste sites, spills and leaking underground storage tanks became headline news. Groundwater hydrology is now critical to understand the mechanisms and rates of transport of physical, chemical and biological contamination below the ground, and the impact of those contaminants on the ground water supply.

This 2-hour interactive online course covers the fundamental sources and classifications of groundwater contamination. The course focuses on the discussion of natural and man-made sources of groundwater pollution and gives some perspective into various systems of categorization and classification.
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Water / Stormwater Management
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of this course, you will:
•Describe the sources and classifications of groundwater contamination and how it pertains to our drinking water.
•Explore the variety of perspectives from which groundwater contamination is approached
•Describe the organic and inorganic contaminants which can effects our groundwater supply.
•Understand the synthetic compound as the greatest concern for groundwater contaminants.
•Be able to list water related diseases.
•Understand the terminology of groundwater contamination.
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