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This 10-part series walks you through the SITES v2 rating system. After an introductory course that covers broad concepts related to implementing SITES, each course discusses a specific section in the rating system. For each SITES section, details are provided on the prerequisite and credit requirements along with core concepts, terms, and strategies. Sustainability experts share insight on how to successfully implement the SITESv2 rating system on your project.

In addition to this series, there are several resources available for the SITES v2 rating System, including the text of the rating system itself, a credit scorecard, and a Reference Guide. Both the rating system and scorecard can be downloaded for free. The reference guide is available for purchase. We recommend you access these for reference, as needed, throughout this series.
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Learning Outcomes
Identify the intents, requirements, and strategies to achieve the prerequisites and credits in every section of the SITES v2 rating system.
Analyze how the requirements of each section contribute to sustainable site development
Define key terms related to the implementation of the SITES rating system
Recognize strategies from case study examples of successful SITES projects
Adam Meltzer (LEED AP BD+C), Munawar Qaddoumi (LEED AP O+M), Beth Shuck (LEED AP BD+C), Elaine Aye (LEED Fellow),
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