Rethinking Landscape Interventions During Urban Renewal of Chinese Cities

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Unleashed urban sprawl propelled by rapid economic development has caused many issues in China during the past 40 years. There was a lack of respect to the value of public open spaces, as well as the understanding of the relationship between the public space pattern and behavior model embedded in the social life. With growing public awareness and global vision on the environmental quality, social justice, and cultural heritage in China, as well as the ever strict control on land uses across the country, many cities are refocusing on the developed areas and promoting urban renewal efforts. Case studies will be used to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the recent urban renewal efforts in China through the lens of governance, urban planning, and landscape design.
Philadelphia, PA
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Urban Planning & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Gain insights into the social, cultural, and environmental issues in Chinese cities today

2. Understand the challenges and successes in the effort of revitalizing Chinese cities

3. Learn innovative strategies to address the social, cultural and ecological needs

4. Learn what landscape architects can contribute in the complex urban projects and collaboration among different agencies
Dou Zhang, PLA, ASLA, SITES AP, LEED AP BD+C Landscape Architect, Sasaki Associates Shanghai Office; Ming-Jen Hsueh, PLA, ASLA Urban Designer, Sasaki Associates Watertown Office; Yufan Zhu, ASLA Professor, Tsinghua University
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