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The complexity of living architecture – green roofs and walls – has created many barriers to their widespread use, including inconsistent policy that is not aligned with performance objectives and designers and building owners not optimizing the wide range of benefits offered by these systems. The Living Architecture Performance Tool (LAPT) is a new rating system and resource created to assure stakeholders that living architecture projects will achieve certain measurable and replicable performance benefits, so they may be funded, designed, installed, and maintained with a higher degree of confidence. This webinar will introduce the LAPT, discuss its structure and compliance process, and identify the ways that different stakeholders might use the tool as it enters its pilot phase.
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Green Roofs
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Explore the various benefits of green roofs and green walls
2. Learn about the compliance path and structure of the Living Architecture Performance Tool
3. Identify the potential uses of the living architecture performance tool for policy makers, building owners, designers, or product manufacturers
4. Learn how to get involved in the pilot phase of the program
Steven Peck, Hon. ASLA; Rohan Lilauwala
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