Breaking out of the Institution: Transforming the CT Campus at St. Elizabeths

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The “Continuous Treatment (CT) Campus” is a complex of seven interconnected
secured buildings that housed mental health patients who lived at the St.
Elisabeths East Campus. As part of the District of Columbia’s St. Elizabeths
East 2012 Master Plan, the CT Campus will be converted into new affordable
and market-rate housing.
Building on the conference’s theme “Constructing an Equitable Future,” this
presentation will illustrate how the designers reinterpreted the historic legacy of a
former mental institution to serve the housing needs of the local community. The
revitalization of the CT Campus facility exemplifies how a community that is
engaged with development can benefit from the restoration of a historic
Complex financing and demanding approvals process required to rehabilitate the
CT Campus into sustainable, affordable housing challenges the typical norms of
a multifamily design and development process.
This is a story of how development, design, and preservation will meet the needs
of a community that is invested in the past and future legacy of the St. Elizabeths
East Campus.
Washington, DC
Distance Learning
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Campus Planning & Design
Housing & Community Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Achieving a high level of design while meeting program and sustainability goals
with stringent preservation requirements.
2. Creating a coherent design concept throughout the public approvals process
while successfully interpreting the community’s vision of place.
3. Cultivate a sense of ‘home’ in multi-family residential projects with welcoming
landscape spaces.
4. Encourage healthy living through outdoor learning environments and
opportunities for fitness and engagement with the landscape.
Maria Casarella, AIASenior AssociateCunningham | Quill ArchitectsSheila A. Brady, FASLAVice President, PrincipalOehme, Van Sweden
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