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Everyone knows that great firms have three sections: Marketing, Business, and Creative. A team that pulls these entities together as equals rides out storms and beats the competition. Small firms without in house council and marketing teams benefit from this session, as the presenters give concrete examples of early paths to success when forming a business, as well as the building blocks for strategic plans for maintaining a business once it has become established. Every new firm runs into the need to negotiate with a tough seasoned client, or finds itself in a precarious legal dilemma, or business flowing in at a fire hose speed without the means to handle the process with finesse. Knowing what kinds of things can come with little or no cost from outside consultants like attorneys,accountant, planners up front before opening the door can make a substantial difference at the end of the year.
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1. Solicit good advice from professionals before starting a business so you can save money and headaches.
2. Take away various reasons to set up practice with a plan that can be implemented over time and see how working with legal and financial advisors dovetail into success.
3. Understand that great business teams are not either or, but AND. See how to build a team that use their time to YOUR best interests by playing off each other's talents and expertise.
4.Assess, manage, and transfer your risks to keep your profits where theybelong - in your pocket. Evaluate and maximize rewards that can justify greaterrisks (but still manage them)
Marilynn Mendell - President, WinSpin CIC, Inc.Jessica Foscolo - Attorney, Kenney Shelton Liptak Nowak LLP
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