Design Education + Civic Action: An Equity Strategy for Baltimore City PublicSchools

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The U.S. Census projects that by 2043 America will be a majority-minority
nation. Cities like Washington D.C. and Baltimore shifted demographically as
early as the 1970’s. However, despite these trends, the design community
remains largely white. Constructing an equitable future requires a professional
community that more accurately represents and understands the diversity of our
country. In Baltimore, a coalition of partners including landscape architects,
educators, ecologists, and community members are working together to create
career pathways for public school students in landscape architecture, ecology,
urban agriculture, and construction design/management through design
education and civic action. This session will highlight how Project Birdland at the
Francis Scott Key/Elementary Middle School and the career prep program at the
Green Street Academy have reimagined their schools/schoolyards as platforms
to create more equitable cities and communities; emphasizing successful
strategies, tactics, and tools for design education + civic action.
Washington, DC
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Learning Outcomes
1. Learn how landscape architects, educators, ecologists, and community
members are using Baltimore City Public School landscapes as platforms for
design education and career development.
2. Understand the strategies and tactics used to build partnerships and develop
programs that address equity in design professions and school landscapes.
3. Explore program elements including educational curriculum, design challenges,
and citizen science programs.
4. Examine the outcomes of each of the projects and their future plans in Baltimore
and beyond.
Richard Jones, PLA, President, Mahan Rykiel Associates,rjones@mahanrykiel.comCorey Basmajian, Principal, Francis Scott Key Elemenatry/Middle School, Dan Schochor, Executive Director, Green Street Academy,dan.schochor@gmail.
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