Scatter-dd; Designing Deliberately/ Implementing Accessible Scattered SitePublic Housing in Baltimore City

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“Scatter-dd; Designing Deliberately” is a presentation of the integration of accessible public housing throughout Baltimore City. It is also an exploration of the history of public housing in the City of Baltimore and throughout the Country;the realities of implementing and enforcing ADA compliant spaces; and an investigation of how these methods should be applied to other sectors moving forward. The presentation will be set up to follow six sections; The History of Public Housing, The Consent Decree, Scattered Site Significance, Prototyping Designs,Enforcement and Technical Realities, and Forward Thinking.
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Learning Outcomes
1. After attending this presentation, participants will understand that neighborhoods that successfully weave together people and families of various incomes and backgrounds yield happier and healthier people, and safer neighborhoods.
2. After attending this presentation, participants will understand that America and Baltimore have had contentious histories in providing accessible and affordable housing; the Consent Decree settled through Bailey v HABC was a step towards mending these histories.
3. After attending this presentation, participants will understand the realities of enforcing ADA compliance are much greater when followed from design conception throughout construction and never designing to meet the minimums;thus designing for a wider range of abilities (such as sight-impaired, senior citizens, children, etc).
4. After attending this presentation, participants will learn that the inclusion of accessibility in public housing was imperative; however they will also come to learn that this application can (and should) be enforced in all sectors throughout the A/E/C industry.
Kathleen Lechleiter, AIAFounder and Principal, k. lechleiter ARCHITECT LLCkml@klechleiter.comPeter A. Stratton, Senior Vice President, Managing Director, Accessibility Services, Steven Winter Associates,
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