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The design profession is earnestly striving to achieve lofty triple bottom line goals, but the day to day challenges of normal project tasks often leave these important aspirations unfulfilled. Time and budget constraints make it difficult to set specific sustainable goals and evaluate project outcomes. While LEED, SITES and other programs have made great strides in this area, a scale-able,flexible program that an individual firm can quickly modify for each project would provide a straightforward framework to achieve those goals. Bradley Site Design has developed a metrics program through which measurable goals can be set, design responses determined, and outcomes evaluated in a streamlined processthat can be seamlessly integrated into project tasks. In this way, LEED and SITES targets can be met while also exploring goals outside standard systems.This is particularly useful in tackling the more elusive goals for measurable social impact. In this session we will use case studies to demonstrate this program and its benefits, with a particular focus on design goals that impact public health.
Washington, DC
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Learning Outcomes
1. Develop measurable social, economic and environmental goals for each project
2. Assign design responses to each goal and ensure that the commitment to the goals persists for the duration of the design process
3. Using metrics associated with each goal, evaluate the immediate outcomes of the project and identify opportunities to work with partners to measure long term outcomes as well
4. Use outcome data to inform future projects, promote triple bottom line design,and make a compelling case for sustainable design on every project
Sharon Bradley, RLA, President, Bradley Site Designs, bradley@bradleysitedesign.comMeghan Hazer, MPH, MSLA, LEED AP, Public Health Research Associate, University of Virginia School of Medicine,
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