The Process of Successful Urban Tree Planting

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Taking you on a journey from initial planning right through to maintenance, GreenBlue Urban are excited to present The Process of Successful Urban Tree Planting, a webinar series covering urban tree planting best practice.
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Urban Planning & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. General discussion to include historical context of street trees, increased mortality over
the past 70 years, factors that influence this. To cover benefits of urban tree canopy, and
vital importance of getting planting techniques right now to become prepared for climate
change. Particular reference to increasing urban runoff due to hard paving increases, front
garden paving and impermeable surfacing.
2. This seminar covers the essential elements to achieve success, including selecting healthy
tree stock, evaluating soil requirements, both in quality and volume, ensuring both water
access and drainage, aeration needs, physical protection options and need to provide a
maintenance regime.
3. How to identify suitable position for a tree, how to identify likely below ground utilities,
excavation methods, correct tree pit dimensions, how to work around service issues. How
to check for soil porosity to decide on drainage requirements and correct installation of
drainage layer.
Howard Gray, Jeremy Bailey, Dean Bowie
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