Underutilized Woody and Herbaceous Plants for the Landscape

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Our native flora contains a great diversity of landscape-worthy plants that have not been available in the nursery trade until relatively recently. Prairies and wetlands are replete with herbaceous species adapted to landscape and green infrastructure applications. In addition, many underutilized and underappreciated tree and shrubs populate our Midwestern wooded communities. The landscape attributes and cultural requirements of these species will be addressed.

Presenter: Kevin Tungesvick and Natalie Marinova
Kevin Tungesvick has had a lifelong interest in nature, particularly in botany and plant ecology. This passion led him to develop and manage a large wholesale native plant nursery where he worked for 22 year. During that time, here also performed floral inventories and developed restoration plans for numerous projects. Kevin also gained considerable experience in the establishment and maintenance of native plant communities in the landscape. He is coauthor of floral inventory of Mounds State Park published by the Indiana Academy of Sciences. Kevin is a frequent author of articles for trade publication and a monthly nature column in his local newspaper. Kevin has been involved in many large and ecologically significant restorations throughout Indiana.
Natalie has been involved in the native plant field for over 20 years. She has been with Eco Logic since 2010, shifting from restoration work to managing the nursery and overseeing green infrastructure and native landscape projects. Previously, Natalie had worked in OH, NC and KY in the native plant landscaping and nursery fields, which gave her a deeper understanding of native plants on a regional scale. She has a wide array of experience with native landscape installation and maintenance
Bloomington, IN
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Learning Outcomes
Learning objects:

1. Learn about landscape and green infrastructure applications of underutilized native herbaceous plants.
2. Learn about seldom-used native trees and shrubs with landscape merits
3. Learn about appropriate application for each species
Kevin Tungesvick and Natalie Marinova
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