Establishment and Maintenance of Native Plant Communities in the Landscape

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Eco Logic headquarters has an entirely native landscape that incorporates trees, shrubs, and herbaceous species. The tour will demonstrate the use of native species in traditional landscape beds. Eco logic also has a wetland wastewater treatment system and a storm water bioretention swale and basin. We will discuss plant selection and installation specifications for these naturalized applications.

Presenters: Spencer Goehl and Natalie Marinova
Natalie has been involved in the native plant field for over 20 years. She has been with Eco Logic since 2010, shifting from restoration work to managing the nursery and overseeing green infrastructure and native landscape projects. Previously, Natalie had worked in OH, NC and KY in the native plant landscaping and nursery fields, which gave her a deeper understanding of native plants on a regional scale. She has a wide array of experience with native landscape installation and maintenance
Spencer founded Eco Logic in 1999 with dream of restoring ecosystems throughout Indiana. As principal, Spencer has been overseen every aspect of ecological restoration and native landscaping, including installation of seeds and plants, invasive plant removal, installation and maintenance of green infrastructure, and design of native landscapes. His involvement has guided Eco Logic through a transformation from a small restoration firm with one crew into one of the premier ecological restoration firms in the Midwest.
Bloomington, IN
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Horticulture / Plants
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Learning Outcomes
Learning objectives:
1. Learn about the incorporation of native plant into traditional landscape beds and applicable species for these applications.
2. Learn about the function and establishment of plant communities in wastewater treatment wetlands
3. Learn about species selection and establishment of plant communities in storm water bioretention areas
Spencer Goehl and Natalie Marinova
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