Components and Idiosyncracies of Sustainable Custom Ironwork

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Special arrangements must be made ahead of time. Learning is hands-on based on sample pieces that must be brought to professional office.
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This course is an organized review of sample ironwork pieces, components and samples. Instructor is a master craftsman, who describes and shows each piece while answering any questions. This course is a follow up to "Design and Specification of Sustainable Custom Ironwork" in that it allows the attendees to see and feel the pieces described while furthering their understanding of the specification of sustainable Custom Ironwork. Iron has the ability to add grace and beauty to a multitude of applications, from pergolas to security fences. It can establish an estate’s private haven. Iron also works well as interior foyer railings, admired for generations. From terrace railings which provide safety and rigidity on a shore home, to fencing, keeping wildlife from the beautiful landscape and burglars from valuable possessions. Iron can create gates for controlled access, too. With the correct finishing strategies for your unique design, iron can last a lifetime and beyond.
Gap, PA
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Security Design
Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Describe custom interior railings that are creative yet meet code requirements.

Identify custom terrace railings which provide safety from falls and still offer eco-friendly materials, historic compatibility and resistance to harsh elements.

Specify custom, elegant and effective pool gates, preventing accidental death by drowning,

Discuss the specifics and strength of custom iron fences, estate gates and the materials, as well as the components used in creating them.

Discover beautiful finishes that hold up under daily use and corrosive weather.
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