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Exploring Urban Environmental Justice
Environmental history and justice are central topics in reclaimed landscapes. This session will address questions like where are we in this respect, how did we get here, and what does the future look like? It will have a general component focused on environmental justice and history in the US northeast, and then focus on freshkills as a case study, before being opened up to collaborative conservation on the topics.

Afternoon Session
Keynote_Richard Pouyat
Session: Inherent Possibilities
Reclaimed lands have inherent possibilities, from studying restoration ecology with a baseline “zero,” to re-purposing old infrastructure, to breaking free of pre-conceived notions. What are the opportunities presented by studying and managing these places?
- Restoration ecology rarely has a baseline.
- If we don’t try to force these lands to show no sign of their past, we can find creative ways to reuse what they already have.
- We can transform them into what’s needed if we don’t have to turn them into what was.
- Who gets to decide what’s needed? Who makes that judgment call?

New York, NY
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Learning Outcomes
• Participants will learn to develop interdisciplinary models for research on reclaimed lands sites.
• Participants will learn cross-disciplinary approaches to their work on reclaimed lands towards comprehensive problem solving.
• Participants will learn new strategies that are being used in reclaimed lands ecological restoration and re-development.
• Field trips to formerly disturbed sites will allow participants to learn from direct observation the results of the approaches and methods of transforming degraded infrastructure into.
Richard Pouyat, Denise Hoffman Brandt, Alex Felson, Steven Handel, Laura Schwanof, others...
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