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Day Two: Morning Session and Field Trip_Pushing Boundaries
Traditional techniques and methodologies can be logistically impossible and less than ideal on reclaimed land sites. Additionally, conservative protocols are sometimes put in place for fear of further disturbing these landscapes. How can we develop new strategies that maximize reclamation opportunities while taking into account site-specific issues?
- Constrained by trying to use traditional methodologies.
- Also constrained by potentially conservative “reclaimed land methodologies.”
- Socially constrained by idea of “worthlessness.”
- New strategies are necessary.

Afternoon Session_Shifts in Ecology
Reclaimed lands have experienced large ecological changes as a result of their varied uses. These changes can have profound effects for both the sites themselves as well as the region. What changes have we seen over time, and how do we effectively encourage such change?
- Shifting network of ecological services (e.g. more foraging area for certain species of birds).
- What wildlife/people/etc. come back?
- How do we encourage “appropriate” ecosystem when it’s not the native ecosystem?
- Emphasis on different scales – microscopic to city-wide.
New York, NY
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Learning Outcomes
• Participants will learn to develop interdisciplinary models for research on reclaimed lands sites.
• Participants will learn cross-disciplinary approaches to their work on reclaimed lands towards comprehensive problem solving.
• Participants will learn new strategies that are being used in reclaimed lands ecological restoration and re-development.
• Field trips to formerly disturbed sites will allow participants to learn from direct observation the results of the approaches and methods of transforming degraded infrastructure into.

Cait Field, Ed Toth, Seth Woolney, Brian Staresnick, Rich Pouyat, others
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