The Meadow Garden at Longwood: History, Design, Ecology and Interpretation

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An overview of the history (1960-present) of Longwood’s 86-acre, award-winning Meadow Garden, with an in-depth look at the recent 2013-2014 meadow expansion project.

Highlights include how balancing ecology, aesthetics and interpretation during a collaborative design, construction and stewardship process resulted in a landscape that evokes sense of place, celebrates a land ethic, and educates thousands of guests each year in sustainable landscape design and stewardship practices.

An added benefit will be a look at research being undertaken on avian breeding adult and young-of-the year use of the Meadow Garden and adjacent habitats, with specific emphasis on how planting and stewardship techniques can influence the spatial distribution of bird species.
Erie, PA
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Campus Planning & Design
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Horticulture / Plants
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Learning Outcomes
(1) Site and planting design and implementation
(2) Project-specific ecological restoration and interventionist techniques in a native mixed native grass and herbaceous meadow landscape
(3) Rare native plant species stewardship
(4) Native plant community structure and associated wildlife benefits
(5) The genesis and implementation of interpretive thematic concepts and landscape features (signs, structures, educational events)
(6) The nexus of horticulture and ecology
(7) Guest way-finding and interaction with the landscape

Tom Brightman and Colin McCallum-Cook
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