The Croton Grassland: A Wild Tale of Weeds, Wildlife, Waste, & Renewal

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How do you turn around a weed-infested grassland when many of the necessary restoration steps conflict with imperiled bird species already using that grassland? Learn how a unique restoration and management plan for a 100-acre grassland atop a capped landfill within a historic park in the Lower Hudson Valley negotiated this challenge by synthesizing crowd-sourced data, published research, field experience, and a vision steeped in the site’s complex, intriguing history.

This case study, analyzed in depth, offers lessons for a wide range of grassland projects, whether designed habitats or naturally occurring. Session attendees will receive a handout detailing practical take-aways from the Croton project, guidelines for developing restoration and
management plans, guidelines for preventing weed incursion and establishment, and guidelines for wildlife-sensitive grassland management.
Erie, PA
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Historic Preservation
Horticulture / Plants
Project Management
Remediation / Brownfields
Rural Landscape
Site Planning
Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
(1) Learn practical strategies for restoring and managing existing grasslands where both desirable and undesirable vegetation is present.

(2) Understand how to design and implement grassland restoration protocols that minimize impacts to resident wildlife, including rare and
threatened species.

(3) See how crowd-sourced data, field experience, and site history can be interwoven to create a practical yet inspiring restoration plan that achieves habitat goals and engages visitors to a popular and historic park.
Jenna Webster
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