Native Meadows: Let’s Get Real

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Demand for native meadows on campuses, roadsides, corporate lands and in parks and residential landscapes has increased significantly in the last few decades, due in large part to interest in wildlife-friendly, low maintenance alternatives to turf. Yet designed native meadows all too often fail due to inadequate planning and use of poorly adapted plants.

Better results can be achieved when the meadow design reflects the ecological character of naturally occurring meadows. Rather than the one-year wonders of “Meadow in a Can” mixes, meadow plantings modeled on actual plant communities constitute long-term, low maintenance landscapes and provide important habitat that is aesthetically compelling and appropriate in varied contexts.

Join one of the country’s premier native meadow specialists to explore native meadow design, implementation, and management in depth. Case
studies from large and small projects throughout the eastern United States will be shown, highlighting work in both public and private
sectors. Establishment methods, management techniques, natural recruitment strategies, and the role of garden design principles will all
be addressed.

This inspiring, informative presentation will interest anyone committed to preserving and promoting America’s meadow and grassland landscapes.
Erie, PA
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Learning Outcomes
(1) See native meadow projects that have been implemented in diverse private and public sector settings throughout the eastern United States.

(2) Learn how traditional garden design principles can be integrated with restoration practices to create meadows that achieve habitat goals while also engaging and inspiring the public.

(3) See how meadow implementation techniques can be responsive to site conditions and client needs.

(4) Understand early and late-stage meadow management protocols and learn how to adapt these protocols when necessary.
Larry Weaner
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