Smart Grid Technology (RV-W103018)

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The Smart Grid is a developing network of transmission lines, equipment, controls and new technologies working together to respond immediately to our 21st Century demand for electricity. A transformation of this magnitude can be compared in significance with building the interstate highway system or the development of the Internet. This three-hour webinar will focus on how we are bringing knowledge to power with Smart Grid technologies, while maintaining reliability and affordability and fully accommodating various energy sources. Case studies will be included that introduce Smart Grid technological advancements and efficiencies. Note: This is a live webinar delivered via WebEx. Session instructions will be emailed to you 24-48 hours prior to the webinar and the morning of the webinar. If you have not received your instructions for any reason please call client support the day of the event. Webinars are live and interactive and students will have the ability to directly interact with and ask questions of the presenter.
Distance Learning
Course Equivalency
Energy Conservation / Renewable Energy
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
Assess the importance of reliability in Smart Grid technologies, based on past grid reliability failures
Recognize the need for advanced Security measures in Smart Grid technologies Define what the Smart Grid is – and what it is not and comprehend issues and implementation challenges
Summarize the countless opportunities Smart Grid technologies present and the economic and environmental benefits we stand to gain
Rumanda Young, Ph.D.
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