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Smartscape is a comprehensive, research-based professional training program specifically designed to assist landscape professionals in the design, installation, and maintenance of attractive, water-efficient landscapes that offer a unique sense of place and value to communities. Smartscape delivers 20 hours of high-quality education on the best irrigation and horticultural practices for the desert southwest. For $95, students receive a Smartscape manual with valuable information and materials, instruction from experts in the green industry, the opportunity to earn continuing education units, and refreshments. Graduates of the course receive a certificate of completion from the University of Arizona and a chance to market themselves as a Smartscape professional by listing their contact information in the Smartscape Online Directory at

The first class, titled "Soils, Plants, and Water", will instruct attendees on how those features contribute to the landscape, and the considerations that landscape professionals must take to in order create water-efficient landscapes. Topics covered will include the mechanisms plants use to regulate water use and how water moves through soil and plants, as well as photosynthesis and respiration.
Phoenix, AZ
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Horticulture / Plants
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
1. Understand and describe photosynthesis and respiration.
2. Understand and describe the mechanisms plants use to regulate water use.
3. Describe how water moves through soil and plants.
4. Explain how soil texture and structure affect water movement, infiltration rate and water holding capacity.
5. Categorize basic soil textures and identify simple means to determine a soil texture.
6. Understand how the chemical and physical structure of soil affects plant growth.
7. Demonstrate an understanding of how weather and soil type affect plant water use.
Dr. Ursula Schuch
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