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Ride with Susan Piedmont-Palladino, curator, as she leads a bike tour of the RFK stadium campus, highlighting current use, planned development, and ideas to improve the Anacostia watershed. Major redevelopment of the campus includes new public facilities, infrastructure improvements, open space, natural resources enhancements, and activation of the Anacostia waterfront corridor.
Washington, DC
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Explore the elements of the RFK Campus master plan. The plan proposes a design to reconnect the campus to existing neighborhoods to the north and south, to bring the District closer to the Anacostia waterfront and to transform the site from a space designed for watching sports, dominated by asphalt, into a new gateway to DC that elevates public health with diverse recreational programming.

Observe the proposed sites for pedestrian bridges that will connect the campus to the adjacent Kingman and Heritage Islands. These bridges will provide easier access to the natural areas on the island allowing visitors to enjoy the benefits of nature in an urban setting.

Observe the proposed sites of the Market Hall and Indoor Sports & Recreation Complex. Both facilities are planned to be incorporated into the site with long term environmental sustainability and community benefit goals.

Explore the Anacostia Riverfront Trail, which travels the length of the site, and examine the existing and planned landscaping that helps mitigate stormwater runoff from the site, improving the ecological health of the river.
Susan Piedmont-Palladino
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