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Over the last few decades exterior buildings spaces have transformed with the architecture and demand from the users. No longer is the roof used only for utilities. In recent years there is a resurgence for buildings to have a comprehensive activity area and social space. More than a luxury item, these outdoor areas are a highly desired amenity and way of life. With this transformation, newer and modern aesthetically pleasing materials are being selected to create amazing Outdoor Amenity Spaces. Learn about new products and systems being installed to activate these once underused spaces. There are more options than ever before including modern concrete slabs, pedestal rated natural stone slabs and porcelain tile. Technical concerns with durability will be addressed along with an in-depth look at the customization process for concrete products. The connection between the roof and site paving will be examined and the options available for creating an inclusive design.
Rochester Hills, MI
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Urban Planning & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
• Review of the evolution of modern outdoor amenity roof spaces.
• Evaluate and determine which paving support system is appropriate for the project.
• Describe the advantages of each paving support system.
• Compare and evaluate concrete slabs, natural stone slabs and porcelain tiles for roofing systems.
• Understand the technical aspects including testing and strength of each paving system for roofs.
• Evaluate several pedestal systems available.
• Explore a comprehensive plan for roof and site paving.
• Understand the customization options for concrete slabs and pavers.
Scott Black, RLA, ASLA
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