A World of Trails: The International Trails Movement

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Presented by a panel of internationally based trails experts, this webinar will provide an introduction to how trails are benefiting and reshaping landscapes across the planet.

As many of us focus on what is going on at home, we don’t we often don’t look beyond our borders to see what others are doing. Did you know about the Jeju Olle Trail in Korea? The Rim of Africa in South Africa? The Atlantic Forest Trail in Brazil? The Kumano Kodo in Japan? The Lebanon Mountain Trail? Or a major trails movement in China? There is a lot going on out there! Worldwide, the trails movement is flowering with amazing projects, innovations, and destinations.

Learn about how trails are benefiting and reshaping landscapes across the planet. Hear about activities emerging across the continents promoting: greater access to trails; environmental, landscape, and cultural preservation; economic development and tourism; health and fitness benefits, spiritual pilgrimages; and trails planning, design, and community organizing innovation. This webinar will enable each of us to look beyond our own boundaries to see an amazing world of trails.
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-Learn about what is going on with trails around the world--particularly walking, hiking and trekking trails. How trails have become an international movement.

- Learn how different nations are pursuing and promoting more trails, greater access to trails, and realizing economic benefits through trails.

- Learn how different nations are engaging trails as a way to promote landscape and cultural preservation; health and fitness benefits, spiritual pilgrimages.
Galeo Saintz (South Africa), Julie Jung (South Korea), Fivos Tsaravopoulos (Greece), Anna Carolina Lobo (Brazil), and Robert Searns (USA - CO)
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