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The Healthcare Garden Design Certificate Program is a professional development eight-day certificate program that begins with a special full-day seminar, "Gardens that Heal: A Prescription for Wellness". The full-day seminar is a starting point for those participating in the full program and an introduction for professionals that are not pursuing full certification. The Healthcare Garden Design Certificate is a multidisciplinary program that will introduce attendees to the latest research demonstrating the benefits of healthcare gardens for their patients, clients, staff, and visitors. The program will provide participants with the expertise, knowledge, and tools to effectively design, manage, and evaluate healthcare gardens.

This eight-day program includes case studies, group projects, field trips, lectures, and instruction from experts from healthcare garden-related professions. Working in multidisciplinary teams that reflect the real world of healthcare garden design, your learning will be reinforced through tours of healthcare facilities in greater Chicago.

Presentation and Workshop Topics:
--Healing Gardens: Essential Design Elements and Environmental Qualities
--Building a Garden while Growing Community
--Researching the intangibles of Therapeutic design
--HT: Maximizing Use of the Garden Through Programming
--Outdoor Space for Older Adults
--Water Features Survey
--Design Guidelines for appropriate gardens for those with Alzheimer's and dementia
--Garden Discussion Group
--Group Design project
--Offsite Visit to Marshak Family Hospice Care
--Offsite Visits to Friendship Village, Bison's Bluff, Chicago Children's Advocacy & Swedish Covenant Hospital
--Field Trip Recap
--An Insider's Perspective: Working with Healthcare Facilities
--Build Projects: Opportunities and Challenges
--Define POE in the Context of Behavioral Research
--Learn POE Data Analysis
--The Future of Restorative Landscapes
--Real Nature vs. Virtual Nature
--Designing with Children in Mind
--The Healthcare Garden Evaluation Toolkit
--Finding the Answers: Research for Evidence-Based Design
--Pitfalls of a Project
--Marketing Healthcare Garden Design Services
--Horticulture and Autism Spectrum Disorders
--Group Project Presentations
Glencoe, IL
Distance Learning
Course Equivalency
Healthcare & Therapeutic Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
Learning Outcomes
*Develop the expertise, knowledge, and tools to effectively design, manage, and evaluate healthcare gardens
*Review the history of outdoor spaces in hospitals
*Explore recent evaluative research, evidence-based design, and post-occupancy evaluation
*Learn about types of healthcare gardens and their defining characteristics
*Learn how to integrate gardens into new and existing healthcare campus landscapes
*Gain an understanding of the connection of outdoor gardens to indoor spaces and therapeutic activities
*Explore some passive and active garden experiences for positive health outcomes
*Identify characteristics of user groups (patients, family, visitors, and staff) in a garden and how they benefit
*Understand how the development of safe outdoor areas, specifically designed for individuals with Alzheimer's disease, can improve quality of life and improve health
*Gain insight into how to market new skills to healthcare institutions by creating marketing plans, budgets and calendars
Clare Cooper Marcus, Jack Carman, Mark Epstein, Marni Barnes, Robert Hoover, Barbara Kreski, Gwenn Fried, Naomi Sachs, Geoffrey Roehll
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