Monitoring Air Pollution in the Urban Context: Opportunities and Challenges for Planners and Designe

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Central to the reduction and management of urban air pollution is the availability of reliable emissions information. Whether this information comes from models based on calculations from data or directly from measurements from on-site sensors, there are few high-accuracy, high-resolution pollution emissions inventories for cities. Furthermore, there are still many challenges for resolving pollution emissions at the appropriate spatial and temporal scales to make informed and actionable planning and design decisions, particularly at the neighborhood and street level. Geographer and interaction designer Joey Lee will examine the current methods of modelling and measuring urban air pollution, their associated advantages and disadvantages, and the considerations for evaluating the impact of changes to the form and function of cities through various design interventions. An adjunct faculty member at New York University’s Intertelecommunications Program, Lee’s work is research based and involves data, multidisciplinary collaborations, visualization, and experimentation and critical engagement with new technologies and media. Previously at the moovel lab, Mozilla Science Lab, the University of British Columbia, and the MIT Senseable City Lab, his work has focused on experimental methods for mapping and monitoring urban environments and urban climate research, more broadly.
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Learning Outcomes
1. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of current methods for measuring and modelling pollutants.

2. Understand the applicability of current methods for planners and landscape architects who shape the built environment.

3. Consider how to evaluate urban design proposals and implementations in the context of pollution for current and future projects.
Joseph Lee, Interaction Designer and Geographer/New Media Researcher
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