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- Benefits of Active Control of Green Stormwater Infrastructure using Hydrologic Models: Bernard Bahaya, University of Toledo; Abhiram Mullapudi - University of Michigan. EPA’s Stormwater Management Model (SWMM) was used to represent an existing green stormwater infrastructure site i.e. a vegetative swale, with active control. A valve and electric actuator were added to the swale's underdrain to provide the capability for active control i.e real-time control (open or close) in response to ambient conditions. Initial SWMM simulations were carried out for selected design storms and continuous rain gage data with the underdrain valve open or closed. - Creating Green Networks of community Assets in our Post-Industrial Cities: Jennifer Missett, Biohabitats, Inc.; The Baltimore City Department of Planning is creating a Green Network Plan that will transform vacant lands into community assets –parks, trails, urban forest, stormwater practices, complete streets, economic redevelopment zones, and urban farms. This presentation will describe the planning process and how it is applicable to Midwestern cities.
Sandusky, OH
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1-Active control of Green Stormwater Infrastructure improves the performance of the GSI; 2- what types of active control is out there; 3- real world examples1-Vacant lands and abandoned buildings should be viewed as opportunities for creating green networks; 2-issues facing Baltimore City regarding blight, vacancy, equity, access and how they used it as an asset; 3- how the planning process brings together agencies, residents, community leaders, nonprofits, academic institutions and an interdisciplinary team of consultants
Bernard Bahaya holds a BS in Civil Engineering from Makerere University Kampala in Uganda, and an MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is pursuing his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at the University of Toledo under the super
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