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- Rethinking Construction Stormwater Management :Barry Fagan, Volkert, Inc.; The most widely accepted, installed, and specified construction site BMPs also happen to be the least effective and most expensive. In this session, we will explore and demonstrate a much more holistic approach to construction stormwater management that focuses on effectiveness over compliance. - Roadway BMPs: Common Design Errors and Impacts from New CGP:Roadway projects administered by public entities in Ohio may use ODOT's Location and Design Volume 2 manual to meet post-construction stormwater requirements. This manual is specifically focused towards roadway work; and therefore, is different in many ways from post-construction BMP design guidance in Ohio EPA's Construction General Permit and Ohio's Rainwater and Land Development Manual. These differences often lead to errors in the design of post-construction BMPs. This presentation will identify the most common design errors and clarify the appropriate approach to roadway BMP design.
Sandusky, OH
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1) Rethink our current approach to regulation, design, and implementation. 2) Learn of better best management practices. 3) See real-life examples of best practice application and implementationPost-construction BMP design guidance is different for transportation projects compared to typical site design in Ohio. These differences sometimes lead to design errors. This presentation will 1- address the most common design errors from review of many post-construction stormwater treatment designs at ODOT. 2- clarify the appropriate approach to roadway BMP design 3-provide real world examples
Barry Fagan is recognized across the nation for his innovative approaches to managing stormwater and protecting water quality. His trademark is his ability to produce and communicate solutions that effectively achieve regulatory compliance while at the sam
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