Better Cities: Reclaiming Land for Cars into Space for People!

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In the 20th century, our society gradually dedicated ever-increasing amounts of land to the exclusive use of automobiles. However, the pushback against this trend has begun. This session examines international, national, and regional methodologies to recapture land for recreation and ecological replenishment and to promote sustainable urban growth.
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1. Gain awareness of land use balance in an urban fabric, and discuss ideal proportions of land for transportation, housing, office, retail, open space, and institutions.

2. Use case studies to understand different mechanisms used by converted sites for community use and leveraged as open space, multimodal connectors, and tactical interventions to reclaim street space.

3. Become familiar with policy and regulatory legislative initiatives influencing the reshaping of our cities’ urban form, shifting from our auto-dominated traditions to more walkable and sustainable communities.

4. Learn about the legislative difficulties that are the result of pushing cars in the background and people in the foreground, and methods or tools to overcome those impediments.
Gerhard Mayer; Woodie Tescher; Marieke Lacasse
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