The Vibrant Cities Lab: Free Urban Forestry Resources, Research, and Tools

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The Vibrant Cities Lab offers easy access to the best available science about the impact of trees and green space on economic development, public health, transportation, equity or water quality – eleven impact areas overall. Each impact area offers curated research, case studies, policies, and plans from around the country. Vibrant Cities Lab also offers a step-by-step guide and assessment tool to help communities make sustainable urban trees a reality. Whether in public or private practice, serving large or smaller clients, this tool is designed to help expand awareness of the benefits of urban trees, such as real cost savings (for example, reduction in stormwater management costs), and implement best practices for growing urban canopy rooted in science and proven in communities like your own.
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Urban Planning & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
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1. Understand the multiple benefits of trees as an integral part of landscape design

2. Discover resources that help make the case to clients and others for strategic tree planting

3. Learn about GIS and web-based resources that estimate the impact and benefits of trees on properties – from single lots to institutional campuses, to communities as a whole.
Lauren Marshall, Associate ASLA, PLA, ISA Cert. Arborist®, U.S. Forest Service; Laurence D. Wiseman, CenterLine Strategy, Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability, Virginia Tech University
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