Native Plants in the Landscape - Building a Relationship with your Nursery Panel Discussion

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Whether it is a wholesale grower or a retail nursery that will re-wholesale to landscape companies, this panel should help you establish a relationship with a nursery that: 1) is knowledgeable about horticulture, plant biology and plant species ID and stands behind their plants, 2) grows plants that have healthy root systems that will allow your company to provide the best landscape, 3) assists your company with appropriate plant selection, 4) allows you to tour and select the plant material you need, 5) aids and will contract with you to prepare the plant material needed for your work, 6) helps to interpret the Nursery Standards as they relate to needed plant material as specified, and 7) holds a certificate from the Department of Agriculture as an inspected nursery and monitors insect and pest activity.
Millersville, PA
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1. To know what to look for in a nursery - how can they assist your company?
2. To understand what a nursery should offer.
3. To learn the importance of establishing a relationship with a nursery that will provide you with plant material that allows your company to provide the best landscape.

James Brown, Jim MacKensie, Sue Tantsits
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