2018 Land & Water Morning 2A

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1. Building Consensus. Envisioning Change

Jeff will lead a series of participatory activities that resolve conflict through consensus building. He will give a 90 minute 'mini-workshop' using the issue of enhancing The Ripple Effect: Stormwater & Tree Canopy where he will share with us what to do to facilitate significant change. 2. Tree Physiology in Arid Climates: Adaptations to Stormwater Surges and Persistent Drought

Water controls the growth and survival of woody plants in arid regions. The ability of plants to pull water from the soil is subject to physical limits set by the structure of their vascular tissue, which are, in turn, correlated with habitat preference and drought tolerance. While riparian species are relatively intolerant to drought, upland species exhibit a variety of traits that allow growth and survival through multi-year drought. Species composition also influences the distribution of water in the soil and water loss via evaporation and transpiration. For example, at night when plants are not transpiring, water may move through large root systems that connect wet and dry soil, sustaining shallow roots in dry soil, and even facilitating co-occurring species. These dynamics influence not only community composition in arid regions, but are relevant for designing landscapes that will thrive with sporadic precipitation, stormwater irrigation, and intervening periods of drought.
Albuquerque, NM
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1.      Participants will participate in a large group activity on how to look at a problem, talk through the potential outcomes of doing something verses doing nothing, and how to move forward with solutions. 2. Participants will learn about an adaptive learning process - you have to go through specific steps for learning to happen. 3. Participants will learn how trees absorb water and what different species need. 4. Participants will learn about the dynamic influences to aid in designing landscapes that will thrive with sporadic precipitation, stormwater irrigation, and intervening periods of drought.
1. Jeff Goebel is a leading expert in helping individuals and communities attain their goals and remove the obstacles that lie in the way, with over thirty years of national and international successes in consensus building, conflict resolution, and vision
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