Vectorworks Landmark Online Training Course: Part 1

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Focused on site-specific computer aided design (CAD) program fundamentals, this course prepares practitioners to use Vectorworks Landmark’s specialized tools and technology in their professional site design workflows. It is intended for those already familiar with the basic operation of CAD software and who work in landscape architecture, design, contracting, or other related design disciplines. The objective is to lay a foundation for the most important aspects of 2D and 3D drawing, including essential drawing techniques, principles of file organization for common drawing types, and creation of a landscape plan/model consisting of a base plan, hardscapes, planting, and material schedules such as a plant list.
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Learning Outcomes
1. Learn how to organize drawing files with industry standard conventions and best practice considerations for improved file management and successful collaboration with other design professionals.
2. Utilize both imported file formats and field-collected site data to create base plans and opportunities for other site inventories to be used from schematic design to construction document phases.
3. Accomplish hybrid design processes integrating 2D and 3D represented site elements, such as pavements, structures and plants, which will be used in essential plan documentation and model analysis and presentations.
4. Use built-in worksheet features to aid in material quantification and scheduling, establishing time-saving resources which will be useful in future project assembly.
Eric Gilbey, PLA, ASLA, Product Marketing Manager - Landscape, Vectorworks, Inc.
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