PMBOK® Guide - Sixth Edition: 03-Project Management Process Groups (RVLS-2858)

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Project management has helped deliver some of mankind's biggest achievements. And while project management permits effective delivery of products and services, there are plenty of examples where projects have missed their mark and delivered less than stellar results. The reason for this is process. In order for a project to be managed successfully, the project manager and team must adhere to processes that will drive the project through its life cycle in a way that will meet specifications and the expectations of the project's sponsor. In Project Management Process Groups, you will see that, while project processes provide the manner in which a project can produce a successful project, there are other key elements: knowledge, experience, expertise, and ability to lead a team – all of which the project manager must be able to deliver in conjunction with project processes.
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Project Management
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At the completion of this course, you will be able to: perform a risk probability and impact assessment demonstrate how to develop a probability and impact matrix categorize risk based upon known processes developed within the Project Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) develop a risk data quality assessment
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