SUN-B03: SITES: Water Cycle Management and Resiliency in the Face of Climate Change

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The SITES v2 Rating System—a performance-based process—encourages projects to conserve water, maximize the use of precipitation, and protect water quality, with the goal always being to restore natural systems. Examine and integrate future hydrologic outcomes such as sea-level rise and create resilient designs that satisfy SITES credits.
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Sustainable Development & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
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Identify the prerequisites and credits in Section 3: Site Design–Water and review documentation examples.
Describe the technical requirements and calculations as well as specialist team members that may be required for fulfillment of SITES v2 water prerequisites and credits.
Examine projects that demonstrate sustainable practices in water design and integrate climate issues such as prolonged droughts and sea-level rise.
Learn how to integrate design choices for water and other site attributes to improve performance outcomes and plan for resiliency in the face of future climate events.
April PhilipsChris MoylesLinette StrausCatherine Seavitt Nordenson
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