SAT-B11: Waterproofing: A Discussion of Evolving Climate Adaptive Design Policy and Practice

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Volatile weather patterns coupled with the specter of sea-level rise present new challenges for public policy-makers, landscape architects and planners. This session reviews planning and design proposals made immediately after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 (published in Waterproofing New York) and discusses new ideas, technologies, and opportunities that have emerged since.
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Urban Planning & Design
Health, Safety and Welfare
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Examine current green infrastructure policy and tactics for flood mitigation such as urban plantings and coastal flood management structures.
Learn how emerging urban data collection tools and public policy, such as zoning and new planning guidelines pertaining to flood mitigation, are influencing design and planning approaches.
Understand diverse vantage points on management of climate impacts and concerns that go beyond flooding, such as degradation of circulation infrastructure, waste management, and loss of cultural and recreational landscapes.
Gain insight into the forces—communities, government agencies, and private entities—that designers must negotiate to take the lead on urban planning and design projects for future cities and suburbs.
Denise Hoffman Brandt; Signe Nielsen; Catherine Seavitt Nordenson; Kate Orff
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